Skyfell (and I can’t get up) is the result of a yearly competition started by Brits in LA to parody the Oscars. The Toscars started 8 years ago when the creators got an idea from Jack Black’s “please be kind, rewind.”

After demagnetizing all the VhS tapes in their video store, the employees as not to get in trouble, recreated the hit movies in their store room using ONLY what they had….

So began the Toscars. Each assigned Team Leader gets randomly assigned a movie to parody with a randomly selected team of 10, on Oscar Nomination Day.

We then have 7 days to write a 5 minute parody. Shoot for 3 days and then have 10 days for post production which includes original music.

The awards show takes place the week before the Oscars with an all star red carpet and celebrity judges.

The coveted Golden Fist is the award handed out! May we all be fisted.